Points for Family Travel Will Inspire You to Hit the Road With Your Family

Traveling with your family isn’t an easy task, and some people would rather stay at home than go through all the hustle it entails. Stacy of Points for Family Travel isn’t one of those people, and she truly mastered the art of being on the road with your entire family without spending a fortune.

Stacy is a mom of four based in DFW, Texas, and if you think she can afford to explore the world with her family because she has millions in the bank—think again. She’s actually been working as a nurse for almost two decades, and her life turned upside down when she started traveling with credit card points.

For the past eight years, Stacy has been applying for credit cards with lucrative sign-up bonuses, and she’s sharing tips and tricks on her blog Points for Family Travel, in the hope that she’ll help other people with big families explore the world this way.

“[I have] have been able to take our family of six on trips that we could never do otherwise. It is my passion and I want all families to be able to take their kids on trips they never thought were possible,” Stacy writes on her blog.

They started their journey with a big family trip to Europe in 2016, and never looked back. Not all of their trips have been that epic, but they managed to road trip to over 40 US states, saving a lot of money along the way.