The Awkward Yeti’s Comics Perfectly Sum Up Constant Conflict Between the Heart and Brain

We’re all constantly struggling to choose between our logic and emotions when trying to make important life decisions, and one comic book series perfectly summed up this conflict. The Awkward Yeti became an Instagram sensation thanks to his “Heart and Brain” comics and they’ll make you think and smile at the same time.

The Awkward Yeti is the brainchild of the Michigan-based illustrator Nick Seluk. He started his creative journey in 2012, by sharing comics that centered on the blue yeti named Lars. This project led to several spinoffs, including “Heart and Brain”, which became his biggest hit to date. It became so popular that he later published a book and launched a party game inspired by it.

Before finding success as an illustrator, Seluk actually earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. His professional background helped him explore the constant battle between our romantic hearts and realistic brains through his comics.

These relatable comics drew 1.9 million followers to his Instagram page, and its heroes are complete opposites of each other. Heart is all about following its feeling and emotions and finding beauty in little things while Brain has to take the wheel whenever they’re forced to face adult responsibilities and the harsh realities of life.