Rijksmuseum’s Vermeer Exhibition is Sold Out, Enjoy it Through Online Exploration

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is currently having an exhibition dedicated to the famed Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. The exhibition opened to the public on February 10 and will run until June 10. But good luck getting a ticket to see it in person.

Rijksmuseum officially confirmed that there are no more tickets available for the exhibition. Despite the fact that it will run for three more months, all original 450,000 tickets have been sold out, and no additional tickets will be available. Luckily, there is a way to still enjoy the works of the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painter in a unique way.

“The Vermeer exhibition is definitively sold out. However, all of Vermeer’s works can still be admired via the online exploration: Closer to Johannes Vermeer,” said Rijksmuseum.

As a way to complement Vermeer exhibition and allow people from all over the world to appreciate his works, Rijksmuseum made “Closer to Johannes Vermeer” online exploration available to everyone through their website. In the exploration, narrated by British actor Stephen Fry, the viewers can see the paintings in high definition, zoom in to check out even the tiniest details, and learn more about their stories

Rijksmuseum’s Vermeer exhibition is considered one of the biggest ever in terms of displayed works. Twenty-eight paintings are included, which is an impressive number considering there are only 37 Vermeer’s works in existence today.