Sasha Nary is Spreading Baking Magic Through Her Instagram Page

Baking is its own kind of magic, and Sasha Nary truly mastered the art of doing it. She’s sharing baking magic on her Instagram page Sasha Cakes Chicago with some of the most colorful, picture-perfect desserts that you’ll come across on this social media platform.

Nary is followed by 240,000 people on Instagram, and she’s the author of her own cookbook Baking Magic: Awaken Your Inner Pastry Chef. She’s a self-taught baker, cake decorator, and confectionery artist based in Chicago, and she can’t remember a time when she didn’t enjoy baking.

“I have been ‘trying’ to bake alongside my grandma and mom since I was about 8 years old, even did my homework in the kitchen next to them as I did not want to miss any steps…I am very lucky to inherit a few of their secret recipes, some of which I recreated into something completely new and unique,” she explains on her official website.

Nary’s love for baking delicious desserts only grew stronger after she visited Paris in 2015, and she’s been developing her cake-decorating skills ever since. She’s now on a mission to give other people the confidence to bake delicious and beautiful desserts by sharing her tips and tricks on social media and hosting cooking classes online.