Shelby Scott Wants People of All Sizes to Have Fun with Fashion

Shelby Scott knows how tough it can be to find stylish clothes that fit you perfectly, and she’s lifting up other women dealing with the same problem. The mastermind behind hit TikTok and Instagram page Shelby Say What is using her platform to spread self-love and body positivity across social media.

Scott was born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle, and she’s now followed by over 750,000 people across several social media platforms. She’s a midsize fashion content creator who wears size 12/14, and she’s sharing fashion advice with women who have a similar body type.

“My goal is to help women build confidence in their wardrobes by sharing realistic try-on hauls & everyday midsize outfits. I believe every woman deserves to feel stylish, sexy, and confident regardless of their shape and size,” she explains on her official website.

Scott’s content mostly focuses on size-inclusive fashion, and she’s trying to show other midsize and plus-size women that they don’t have to wear unappealing baggy clothes just because their body type doesn’t fit into society’s beauty standards.

From styling chic swimsuits and gym outfits to showing you how to pick the right leather jacket or denim shorts, Scott will help you find an outfit for every occasion and make you feel more comfortable in your skin.