Soup Ladle Thrills Followers on Instagram

Image by @samsontheladle / Instagram


It is believed that the Loch Ness monster lives in the depth of Loch Ness. This tale has never been confirmed, but it has inspired the creation of many movies, books and now, soup ladles.

Meet Samson, the soup ladle. He looks like a Loch Ness Monster and is owned by a lady called Margaret. Margaret started this hilarious Instagram account for the kitchen utensil. Since then, the soup ladle has gotten more than 99k followers on Instagram.

The account was opened as a joke while she was playing with her Snapchat account. Margaret didn’t think the posts would get so much attention. To her, this Loch Ness Monster-looking ladle is a pet, and she takes him with her and takes pictures of him as well. She takes pictures that people can relate to and creates captions for them, and this makes it even more fun to watch.

Scroll below to see some of this adorable ladle