Street Musician Goes Viral Thanks to a Dancing Little Girl

Screenshot via shatnershairpiece/YouTube

Shatnershairpiece is a Vancouver-based street musician who became viral thanks to his performance of ZZ Top’s “La Grange”, and a little girl dancing to his playing while waiting for the bus. The heartwarming show was captured on his GoPro, which was later shared on his YouTube channel, where it gathered more than two million views.

“I don’t often see this, but when it happens, it is always 99% of kids that are doing it. Before they become jaded (age 8), they still have that spontaneous spark, that reaction to music that we all used to have. Waiting for the bus should always be like this,” the musician shared.

The funny thing is that “La Grange” can be found on the ZZ Top album Tres Hombres, which also features a popular song titled “Waitin’ for the Bus”. What a coincidence, right?

However, the musician also explained that being a street musician isn’t always “fun and games and dancing kids”.

“I’m unemployed. All live music, including busking, is banned. I lost all work last year and received ZERO compensation. I had a very bad year in 2020 and only recently came out of a depression,” he shared.

Shatnershairpiece has been writing his music for over 20 years. And if you liked this video, check out his Bandcamp page for more.