Sue Sylvester’s “I’m Going To” Meme is Taking the Internet by Storm

This year gave us many amazing viral memes, and one of the latest will take you all the way back to the early 2010s. Jane Lynch, who played Sue Sylvester in the beloved teen musical series Glee, is the star of the latest hilarious meme we’re seeing everywhere right now.

Inspired by Sylvester’s line, “I’m going to create an environment that is so toxic”, this meme takes the original quote from Glee and turns it into something truly hilarious.

Viral memes range from replacements of several words to text blackouts which are ditching parts of the original line—and this one is doing it in the best way possible.

This meme has actually been around since the summer of 2020, but it took a while until it became a viral sensation. It started trending on Twitter in late November and early December, as some variations of the meme gained tens of thousands of likes and re-tweets.

Many of the “I’m Going To” memes are pop culture-related and contain references to our favorite songs, movies, and TV shows. Some of them are more random and explore every-day, relatable situations—but we promise that every single one will make you laugh.