Tay BeepBoop is Taking TikTok by Storm With Her Maximalist Home Makeovers

If you enjoy spending hours watching DIY tutorials and home makeovers, Tay BeepBoop’s TikTok page is about to become your new obsession. The self-described “DIY queen” mastered the art of transforming empty spaces into a colorful, maximalist paradise.

Tay BeepBoop is followed by 1.5 million people on TikTok and 320,000 more on Instagram, and her rise to prominence started when she decided to give her 120-year-old home a total makeover.

Tay bought a 1,600 square feet condo in San Francisco, California in the midst of the pandemic. Since it was still mid-lockdown when she first moved in, she had a lot of free time on her hands so she decided to put it to some good use.

“Since I was financially bound to the place, I dedicated all of my free time to changing my surroundings and turning it into my happy space… I never want to change the features or remove the history. I just want to inject fun and levity into the space,” she told Apartment Therapy.

Tay believes her personal style is best described as “dopamine design” because she’s committed to infusing happiness and whimsy into new spaces through a mix of colors, patterns, and quirky furniture.

After fully redecorating her San Francisco home, Tay decided to sell it at the end of last year and move into a new space. Despite moving out, she’s grateful for the skills and confidence she developed in an attempt to make her home as colorful and cheerful as possible, and she’s looking forward to using them in her future DIY projects.