Whales are Living Their Best Lives in Una Kritzolina’s Beautiful Illustrations

Whales are among the most fascinating creatures living underwater, and they’ve served as a source of inspiration for many artists over the years. Una Kritzolina is one of the biggest whale lovers on Instagram, and her beautiful illustrations show these gentle giants living their best lives.

Kritzolina is the alter ego of the German artist Petra Heider, whose watercolor painting drew over 100,000 to her Instagram page. She shared hundreds of illustrations with the world over the years, and we’ve seen her explore many different subjects, but most of her recent works are taking us underwater.

Kritzolina enjoys exploring the endless mysteries of the oceans by drawing some of the fascinating sea creatures that we all know and love. Whales hold a special place in her heart, and her watercolor paintings will make you want to protect these endangered creatures at all costs.

Kritzolina enjoys presenting whales in a whole new light, showing them wearing sweaters, carrying homes and lighthouses on their back, and being surrounded by flowers because there’s nothing they can’t do in her illustrations.

“There are always some who thought that my whales couldn’t have any flowers at all because they live underwater. Well, now I’ve adjusted it a bit… But I’ll tell you honestly: I also like my whales and sea creatures with their flower,” she writes on Instagram.