Ridge & River is Taking the World by Storm With Beautiful Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry made a huge comeback in recent years thanks to many creative jewelry makers who managed to take this art form to new heights. Ridge & River is one of the very best brands on Instagram dedicated to beaded jewelry, and their works are mostly inspired by the folk, lore, and nature of Alaska.

This brand was founded by Shaina, who’s a settler living on Dena’ina land in Chugiak, Alaska. Shaina says she’s grateful for the incredible privilege of living here, and her art is largely inspired by her beautiful surroundings.

She fell in love with beading in 2019 and used it as a way to slow down and think creatively. She’s been beading jewelry ever since, and her skills became so advanced that she eventually decided to start her own brand.

“From the birth of a design to the packaging of an order, I wear every hat there is to be worn in this small business. Beading began as an escape back in 2019. A way to slow down and think creatively. As Ridge & River has grown, so have I,” she writes on her official website.

Earrings are Shaina’s favorite type of jewelry to make, and she’s encouraging other people to give beading a shoot by offering beads, beading kits, and tools on her website.