Thiago Mazza’s Astonishing Murals Depict Fauna and Flora in All Its Beauty

Thiago Mazza is a talented Brazilian street artist who creates astonishing grand-scale murals inspired by nature. Most of his works include a detailed and vivid depiction of flora and fauna that envelops walls, facades, and sometimes entire buildings.

While his murals might indicate otherwise, Mazza is a self-taught painter. He started painting walls in 2010 after becoming interested in Brazilian graffiti culture. Soon enough, he developed his own style and established himself as a respected member of the country’s street art scene.

Mazza’s reputation also allowed him to create all over the world and participate in a number of art festivals. His works can be seen in countries like Croatia, Russia, Sweden, Mexico, and many others.

In a recent interview, Mazza revealed that his murals and street art style require a lot of preparation. This includes taking trips to the forest in search of inspiration. During those trips, he takes photographs of flora and fauna that he could recreate on a wall.

This process allows Mazza to always have fresh ideas while also resulting in the introduction of unknown and obscure plants to the wider public.

You can check out more of Mazza’s works below.