This Artist is a Master at Creating Anime Cartoons

If you’re someone who loves anime, or even someone who appreciates comics on all levels, you’ll most likely fall in love with this person’s Instagram account. Their name isn’t shown in their bio, but the account name is “Fuwafy”—which only adds to their intrigue and mystique. The artwork that this creator puts out is so brilliant and moving that it really doesn’t even matter what we call them because their vision shines brightly and proudly for the world to see.

First off, the level of skill shown in Fuwafy’s work is truly exceptional. You get the feeling like this artist practiced long and hard to achieve the perfection they’re at now, and yet it also seems so effortless. There’s a level of true professionalism that comes off in their art, which makes one feel as though their 1,000 followers will soon turn into a lot more.

But as mentioned earlier, Fuwafy’s work is about so much more than just skill. There is true passion and vision dripping through their posts, whether it be a piece of art about pride or a girl looking sad in the distance. The emotions seen on this Instagram page can be felt with no effort, and this is a sign of a good artist.