This Artist Will Remind You To Go Outside And Enjoy Nature!

It’s so easy sometimes to forget what a beautiful world we live in. We spend most of our lives in big cities, cooped up indoors. We may have a pet and a few potted plants; the really lucky ones have a garden. But there’s so much nature out there, and it’s beautiful! Artist Asia Orlando tries to bring back some of that beauty back into our lives through her art.

Orlando is a digital illustrator based in Amsterdam. She creates gorgeous digital paintings of people, animals and nature. “I enjoy translating everyday life observations into colorful language of art,” she writes on her YouTube channel, ” My work is greatly inspired by nature; animals and plants are motives I just love exploring.”

And that is exactly what she does. Her work is full of bright, beautiful colors, and depicts scenes from the jungle as well as more urban environments. She draws panthers, tigers and huge forest trees, but also dogs, cats and potted plants. It’s so charming because it’s so natural and relaxed: The people and animals in her drawings aren’t doing anything special, they’re just going about their day, and that’s the whole beauty of it.

Orlando’s drawings can teach us a lot about nature and about ourselves. They remind us that those are not two separate things; that we used to be a part of nature, and can still be a part of it again.