This Artist’s Feline-Inspired Mystical Creatures Are Simply Brilliant

Nat, also known as NatNight9 on social media platforms, describes himself as someone who uses both digital and traditional art to create his pieces. He loves sharing his projects online and wants to be judged as an artist, as he divulged in on his Deviant Art profile: “In presence, I really try to work on myself. In art I do a lot of different things, from sketches of my own characters from my really complicated story to digital art and more, so…”

Using rather tiny brush strokes and vibrant colors, Nat perfectly draws the feline’s fur by using both Gimp 2.8 and Photoshop. But he doesn’t just draw cats, lions, and tigers. He also delves into other out-of-this-world-looking creatures, like a griffin, sea lion, or red dragon.

Although he doesn’t have many Instagram followers and his work is more popular on art-related websites, his work is definitely worth checking out because it goes beyond the everyday art we are familiar with.

We choose some of the images you might love. Scroll down and check them out.