This Cool Jewelry is Inspired by the Ocean

It’s easy to fall in love with the ocean. There is something about its ability to be calm and serene at one moment and wild and untamed at the next that really speaks to many people.

Inspired by the erratic nature of the ocean as well as the amazing marine life that inhabits it, a group of French designers started a brand of jewelry called Mademoiselle Salty. Their pieces are aimed at ocean lovers who want to feel close to the sea at any given moment. The designs are filled with ocean imagery and include rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

The idea for Mademoiselle Salty was conceived by artist Marion Ferrari while she lived in Indonesia. The influence of Indonesian culture, namely the island of Bali, is felt in the jewelry, while the brand also aims to include Balinese artists in their projects.

“We like to think that through our brand, we share simple values, close to nature and travel,” Marion explains.

Besides sharing their love for the ocean with the rest of marine enthusiasts, the creators of Mademoiselle Salty also aim to make a difference through their work. This is why they donate five percent of their earnings each month to benefit the non-profit Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Check out more Mademoiselle Salty pieces below, and know that when you purchase a piece of their jewelry, you are also helping to make a difference.