This Illustrator is Captivated by Movement

Jeremy Leung isn’t interested in producing still landscapes. In fact, the Chinese-Canadian illustrator aims to do the exact opposite, by using textures and shapes to create a sense of movement in his work. This, in turn, leads the viewer on, creating a sort of interactive artwork which instills a sense of urgency.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the potential to lead a viewer’s eye through a piece from start to finish,” Leung explained in an interview with Communication Arts. “By maximizing that sense of motion, I hope my lines can flow organically from one end of the canvas to the other.”

For Leung, creating and consuming art is about personal escape. With a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University, he now resides in Brooklyn, NY and works as the assistant art director and staff illustrator at Institutional Investor. “Because I grew up in the suburbs and had a rather conservative upbringing, the art I create is fueled by a hunger to aggressively find new ways to express my ideas,” he says.

Amongst his many influences, he mentions foreign films and fashion photography. “We live in an era when cataloging the evolution of taste and mood is easier than ever,” he reflects. “My personal through-line between these other art forms is my focus on facial expressions and humanistic desire.”

Peek inside his ever-shifting worlds: