TikToker Gives Detroit Traffic Cop $500, His Followers Donate Extra $50,000

TikToker Zachery Dereniowski, aka @mdmotivator, became famous for his videos in which he helps people by either giving them money or doing some nice things for them. Bus, his recent act of generosity really turned out to be something special.

In a viral video posted earlier in May, Dereniowski can be seen approaching a Detroit traffic control officer and asking her whether she will buy a jersey for $1. The traffic cop Linita Edge accepted the offer, after which the TikToker presented her with a big surprise.

Dereniowski then gave Edge $500 in cash and got her off of work early to take her to a game played by her favorite baseball club, the Detroit Tigers.

After the original clip went viral, receiving more than 12.5 million views, Dereniowski shared an amazing update several days later. His followers ended up donating an extra $50,000 to Edge, who is a single mom and was going through some financial struggles in recent times.

In a later interview with CBS Detroit, Edge revealed that she is now being recognized by the people of Detroit, especially Tigers’ fans, who often stop to congratulate her and say the money she received is well-deserved. 

“Who knew a t-shirt would change my life,” Edge told the media outlet.