Kiana Bonollo Recreated Dua Lipa’s Vintage Met Gala Dress for Just $200

Dua Lipa made quite a splash at this year’s Met Gala with her vintage Chanel gown, and Kiana Bonollo was as impressed by her look as the rest of us. She decided to recreate this iconic red carpet look using tweed and curtains—and it took her just $200 to do so!

Bonollo is a 24-year-old content creator from North Carolina, who’s followed by over 700,000 people on TikTok alone. She studied fashion and textile design at the North Carolina State University and made quite a splash on social media with her fashion-themed content.

One of her latest endeavors saw her recreating Dua Lipa’s Met Gala gown on a tight budget. She was instantly drawn to this vintage Chanel dress, which was previously worn by Karl Lagerfeld’s muse Claudia Schiffer in 1992.

“I gasped when I saw her on the screen because it was so gorgeous. It didn’t immediately register to me that it was a wedding dress… I started researching it to see it on the original model and I kept falling more in love with it, the more angles I saw of it,” Bonollo told Insider.

She decided to recreate the dress and chronicled her journey through a series of behind-the-scenes videos. She created a beautiful replica in just seven days and with around $200, which she spent on such materials as white tweed, curtain fringe, and cage crinoline.