LEGOLAND Denmark Unveils Full-Size Ferrari Monza SP1 Replica Made With LEGOs

We already know that LEGO bricks offer endless possibilities. Whatever you imagine, the chances are that you can make it with LEGO. Even if the thing you imagined is a supercar Ferrari Monza SP1.

Denmark’s LEGOLAND Billund Resort recently unveiled a full-size replica of the Ferrari Monza SP1 as part of the park’s newest attraction called “Ferrari Build and Race”. It is made out of 383,610 Lego bricks, and it took 339 days to assemble it.

Besides enjoying the sight of LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1, visitors can also take part in various activities in Ferrari Build and Race. The most interesting one has to be the ability to build your own Ferrari using LEGO bricks.

After they finish building their own version of LEGO Ferrari, guests can have their car digitally scanned and then take it on the virtual ride on Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit. How cool is that?

Ferrari Monza SP1 debuted in 2018. It is powered by an F140 GA V12 engine and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and develop a maximum speed of more than 186 mph. The car’s starting price is $1.8 million and is limited to only 499 units.