New York City Woman Picks Up an $8,000 Couch Off the Street

It isn’t uncommon to see furniture on the streets of New York City. When people have things that they no longer want or need, they simply take them down to the sidewalk with the hopes that someone will pick them up. TikTok user Amanda Joy @yafavv.mandaa recently stumbled upon one such piece of furniture, and it turned out to be a couch worth $8,000.

Joy shared the story about the couch in a viral video that got 67 million views in less than a week. She was walking home to her NYC apartment when she noticed a stylish blue couch on the sidewalk. She did a quick online search and found out that is worth a lot of money, so she decided to ask her father to pick it up.

Joy’s father took the couch to his workshop, and the entire family took part in cleaning it and giving it back its former glory. They did such a good job that TikToker decided to bring it to her apartment and now has what she calls her “dream couch”.

While many social media users congratulated Joy on her find, some were curious why someone would want to leave such a pricey couch on the sidewalk. Most of the skeptics figured that the couch had bed bugs or argued that she didn’t clean it well enough.

Joy later uploaded another video in which she addressed some of the questions and explained that the couch had been in her father’s workshop for two weeks and that they would notice if it was infested with bedbugs.


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