Tokyo Designer Creates Stop-Motion Shorts Using Matches

Matches are fragile, easily combustible, and not the most reliable item to use for anything else besides starting a fire. But this didn’t stop Tokyo-based designer Tomohiro Okazaki from dedicating a whole series of stop-motion shorts to them.

Okazaki manages to find new and creative ways to use matches in his shorts. In one, the top of the match turns into an umbrella before collapsing from the wood and turning into a red circle. The other shows the matchwood detaching from the top, shape-shifting, and then attaching itself to the head once again.

Some of Okazaki’s shorts are simple and involve just matches multiplying or changing shape. Others are more complex and involve the interaction of matches with household objects and other items. But all of them have been a hit among internet users, who seem like they can’t get enough of them.

Besides making these impressive shorts, Okazaki is involved in various other projects through his studio Swimming.  This includes making other stop-motion shorts, printed matter, videos, exhibition design, and much more. His works have been recognized around the world while also bringing him a number of prestigious awards, including JAGDA AWARD in 2018.

Check out the full collection of Okazaki’s stop-motion shorts with matches in one video below.