Ukrainian Crafter Crochets Realistic-Looking Parrots

“All the children and their parents love crocheted toys and I love them, too. But what I love the most is to create toys,” this is how crafter Tanya Zhylyayeva talks about her passion. With her skillful hands, the talented Ukrainian artist crochets custom bird sculptures of your beloved feathered friend.

“I love bright and funny parrots, scary raven, cardinal birds, and doves,” the Dnipro-based artist shared on her Etsy store. “You can find in my shop cockatiels, budgies, conures, palm and the white cockatoo.”

Measuring nearly seven inches, Zhylyayeva’s birds look like they could fly away at any moment, and their tiny feet are posable and will perch on your finger like a tiny confidante.

You can find pictures of her birds on Instagram where almost 2,5000 followers admire her work. You can purchase her creations on her Etsy store, however, she also makes customized birds as a way to honor a beloved bird you have lost. All you need to do is to send her an image.