What a Floof! Meet Your New Favorite Insta-Dog

Here at Every Day Monkey, we love ourselves a good Insta-pet. Queso, a Chicago rescue pup now based in Kansas City had one of those “look at that face” kinda faces, which made him instantly on our radar. Part Pomeranian, part American Eskimo (a sort of Pomsky mix), his fox-like features add to his overall sassiness.

“Queso is great at posing (if treats are involved) so it doesn’t take too long to get a good picture,” shared his momager, Sarah McVey, in an interview with Swooft. “I like to consider the timing of the post and if there’s a good holiday or trending topic to partake in, but for the most part it’s all about his normal life and activities.” Those activities include digging at the beach, eating treats (with an emphasis on cheddar cheese), and kissing strangers.

Being a rescue dog, Queso has one of those “rags to riches” sort of tales. According to his now-owner, Queso was first housed in an Alabama shelter, but was lost after a flood hit the shelter. After the flood, a rescue mission carried by the Almost Home Foundation had brought Queso, alongside other stranded dogs, to Chicago.

“We first met at a foster’s home who was watching Queso while he was up for adoption,” shared McVey. “He had rashes on his belly, kennel cough, and an ear infection, but he was still smiling and happy to see us!”. Luckily, those sad days are long over and done with.

His celebrity status means that Queso has quickly outgrown his humble beginnings. These days, he is gaining fans by the hour, and McVey admits to being excited. “Queso was recognized at the airport by a stranger and it was the most exciting day ever!” she shared.

You’re invited to join his growing fanbase.