Worlds Collide & Barriers Break in Lou Benesch’s Surreal Illustrations

Lou Benesch spent her childhood constructing new mythologies in her head, and she eventually found a way to make them come to life. The French artist is taking Instagram by storm with her surreal illustrations, where worlds collide to give birth to something truly extraordinary.

Benesch was born and raised in Paris to a French mother and an American father, and her double heritage significantly impacted her creative path. The piles of French Revolution meet Native American art in her work, which often draws inspiration from her personal experiences and the new mythologies she constructed in her head.

“These images are often the reflections of very personal memories and experiences: pieces of my childhood, spiritual questions that have been populating my mind, my evolving understanding of womanhood, and many more,” she told Booooooom.

Despite growing up in one of the epicenters of the art world, Benesch decided to move to Belgium at 18 to study at LaCambre Academy of Drawing in Brussels. She eventually moved back to Paris and started making waves with her conceptual art.

From Greek myths to classic fairytales, Benesch finds inspiration in the most magical of places, but her illustrations still managed to look completely unique, populating the space between our wildest dreams and darkest nightmares.