UK Dentist Warms Everyone’s Heart After Taking His Grandma to Paris

Our grandmas do so much for us during our childhood, giving us unwavering love, wisdom, and support. There comes a time when we’re finally able to give back and thank them for the way they have nurtured us in our youth—and one dentist did just that by taking his grandma to Paris.

Dr. Usama Ahmed is a dentist of Pakistani descent based in the UK, who enjoys making Instagram Reels and YouTube videos about his family life. His heartwarming content brought almost 200,000 followers to his Instagram page, especially since he put his grandma front and center in his viral clips.

Earlier this month, Ahmed decided to surprise his grandma in the best ways possible – by taking her on an epic trip to Paris. He pull off an ultimate “treat yourself” trip for his grandma in the French capital, which involved trying traditional French breakfast, going on a shopping spree with her family, and enjoying the views of the Eiffel Tower.

The videos of Ahmed’s adventures with his grandma in Paris attracted millions of views and inspired an avalanche of positive comments. Many people were impressed by their unbreakable bond, and Ahmed’s determination to shower his grandma with love and kindness after she spent most of her life raising him and guiding him through life.