Adipocere is Taking Instagram by Storm With His Obscure Linen Embroidery

Instagram is home to more embroidery artists than we can count, and Adipocere is one of those you see once and never forget. His embroidery art explores dark and obscure themes, and he generally uses natural linen to make his work more sustainable.

Adipocere is the brainchild of Australian artist Josh, who fell in love with embroidery in 2014. What started off as a hobby grew into something much bigger, and he took part in numerous exhibitions around the world, in addition to starting an online shop selling his work.

He refers to many of his works as “emotional self-portraiture” and says they were inspired by his fascination with the macabre, combining themes of innocence with an unsettling and sinister melancholy.

Before turning to art, he was an environmental science student, and the impact of his educational background is clear when you look at his embroidery pieces. Flora and fauna are two of the teams he often explores through his art, in addition to predominantly working on natural linen to make his art more sustainable.

His embroidery journey started after he cross-stitched an homage to the cult sci-fi film Alien, and he’s been exploring dark and obscure themes ever since. He goes so far as sometimes using the palm of his hand as canvas, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend doing this at home unless you’re as skilled as him.