Alana Jones-Mann Will Knock You Off Your Feet with Her Retro Shag Rug Cakes

From cactus cupcakes to textured desserts, Alana Jones-Mann is the mastermind behind some of Instagram’s most show-stopping sweet treats, but one of them is more popular than all the rest. She became a true sensation thanks to her shag rug cakes, which will win you over with their incredible texture and retro vibe.

Jones-Mann spent six years doing event planning and leading a PR & marketing agency in NYC before deciding to explore her passion for creating and designing. She now does décor and styling for all sorts of events, but baking remains her specialty, and she’s best known for her cakes and other sweet treats.

Shag cakes are her signature dessert, and their textured look resembles retro shag rags from the ’70s. Jones-Mann didn’t exactly have a plan when she started making them, nor did she purposely make them look like a carpet – other people just started calling them shag cakes.

“The shag cake, for me, shows my evolution as an artist and how I found my own personal style. It’s hard when people are like, ‘This is the trendy cake of the moment now,’ Because [this cake] is kind of me, you know? It’s how I feel I am as a person,” she told the LA Times.

Head to her Instagram page to discover the sweet world of her shag cakes and many other amazing desserts that she has in store.