Franche Hirsute Creates Hilarious and Real Comics

The cool thing about comics is that even if you don’t understand what’s being written, you can often pick up on what’s going on from the art within. This is especially relevant when it comes to French illustrator Franche Hirsute—at least for non-French speakers.

Franche creates brilliant comics that combine humor with real-world situations. Even though the artist’s comics are mainly in French, it’s actually pretty easy to understand what’s going on even if you don’t speak the language.

This is a major testament to Franche’s ingenuity. The fact that they’re able to convey their message clearly and coherently—regardless of whether or not each word makes sense—shows that the art speaks volumes in its own right.

After all, comic texts are really meant to highlight what’s already going on in the art itself. The emotion, the color, the drama, the energy—this is all being depicted in the actual illustrations, and that’s where Franche shines more than ever.

If you’re someone who loves comics, we highly recommend checking out Franche’s Instagram page, which happens to have nearly 24,000 followers. Like this artist’s followers, you may come to appreciate the wit, upbeat vibe that emanates from their work.