Alexandria Draws Vivid Works of Beauty

The great thing about art is that it’s not always so easy to define. You can look at a piece of work and stand there in awe, knowing that you’re in the presence of something extraordinary. That’s exactly the case with the artwork of Alexandra Rubio, who draws brilliant works of art that have a cartoonish quality to them.

When we use the word cartoonish, we don’t mean it in a comical way. Alexandra’s art doesn’t give off a silly feeling. On the contrary, it gives off a very quaint, relaxing, and beautiful aesthetic that’s hard not to fall in love with. Not only does she use color with complete control, but her level of artistic detail in her paintings are a shining light as well.

After scrolling through her photos, you won’t find it hard to understand why there are nearly 6,000 people following her account. If she keeps up the good work, those follower numbers are going to shoot up even further!