Hazel Zakariya is Taking Instagram by Storm With Her Amazing Toast Art

If you’re a huge fan of food art, you’ve probably stumbled upon Hazel Zakariya’s on your Instagram. She became a true social media sensation thanks to her intricately decorated smoothie bowls and she’s taking things up a notch with her amazing toast creations.

Zakariya’s Instagram page attracted 89,000 followers with a wide array of culinary masterpieces that look and taste amazing at the same time. To make the whole thing even more impressive, this woman from New Zealand isn’t even a culinary pro—she was actually a market analyst for a trade and development company when she started her Instagram.

“I love getting into creative projects in my spare time. It’s a great mindfulness practice and a way of expressing myself, challenging my skills, and creating something that is unique… I experiment with a range of colorful organic ingredients,” Zakariya told Vogue.

Zakariya became a viral sensation thanks to her smoothie bowls, but they’re no longer the staple of her Instagram page. She decided to take a similar approach with her toast and created some picture-perfect treats along the way. From motivational quotes to pop culture references, her toasts have to be seen to be believed because they look like tiny works of art.