Animals Emerge From Carpet Surfaces in Debbie Lawson’s Sculptures

Debbie Lawson is a British artist known for her unique animal sculptures. In Lawson’s works, animals are shown “emerging” from carpet surfaces, resulting in a surreal and captivating combination of the domestic space and the natural world.

The orientation of sculptures created by Lawson plays a significant part in the way they are perceived by viewers. Vertical sculptures make it seem like the animals are jumping out of the rugs, trying to break free into the outside world.

Horizontal sculptures, on the other hand, feature animals blending into their surroundings, using the patterns and colors of the surface as their camouflage.

In both cases, the flat rugs both conceal and amplify the features of the animals while making these sculptures cross the line between two-dimensional and three-dimensional works.

Using traditional carpets as a surface for her works plays an important role for Lawson as the artist wants to bring their art component, which is often overlooked, to prominence.

“Sometimes my work is inspired by the hidden life of everyday objects, and other times by what I see as the aspirational side or the rebellious side,” Lawson shared ahead of her exhibition at New York City’s Sargent’s Daughters art gallery.

Check out more of Lawson’s works below.