Artist Draws With Limited Color Palette and the Results Are Astonishing!

Influenced by well-known artists Olimpia Zagnoli, Lisa Congdon, and Gia Graham, Russian illustrator creates minimalist and playful images. The talented illustration artist, Olga, currently lives in Chicago and has always been surrounded by art. Passionate about all types of art, the artist took a 20-year break before continuing her artistic journey—and her comeback is mind-blowing.

Olga has been known to practice diverse forms of art like drawing, crafting, making stuffed toys, knitting, and sewing. However, now she uses digital techniques to make her artworks. According to her interview for Ballpitmag, Olga uses a limited color palette and gravitates toward “exaggerated shapes and proportions”.

“I tease an idea around to come up with a succinct interpretation. Less is more, as far as I am concerned, so I often end up taking things away from my final illustration rather than adding to it,” she said.

How did Olga come up with the concept of using a fixed color palette for her illuminating illustrations?

“A special mention and a debt of gratitude go out to Gia … I use monthly color palettes that she releases through a newsletter. That alone pushed me to a new level of enjoyment, fun, and flow with my artwork. Her knowledge and use of colors are inspiring,” Olga explained. How interesting!

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