Artist Paints Animals on Bird Feathers

Imogen Clark, better known as dustysoulsart on social media, is a UK-based artist who uses bird feathers as her canvases. In one of her latest projects, Clark painted feather bursts, a circle of feathers. According to her, this type of art is very difficult, because feathers are an unstable surface, and painting on a circle of feathers is even harder, as the feather fronds all point in different directions.

“I felt I needed to move my art onto the next level and I’ve never seen full circles done before,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. “I thrive on challenging my skills and this seemed the perfect way to do that” said Imogen.

If you’re interested in seeing her work, check out her Instagram account where she posts images of her feather creations, or have a look at her personal website. Do you like her work?