Artist Paints Dreamlike and Surreal Scenes First Thing in the Morning

Doing something productive as soon as they wake up is quite challenging for most people. But not for artist and illustrator Graham Franciose. As a matter of fact, this is when he does some of his best works.

When he wakes up, Franciose makes a cup of coffee and then takes out a piece of cotton paper and watercolors. While enjoying his morning drink, the artist fills the paper with dreamlike and surreal scenes, creating impressive small-scale paintings for his ongoing series Morning Coffee Paintings.

According to this Seattle-based artist, starting to paint shortly after he gets up allows him to get more creative. He also records the process in order to avoid “second-guessing” and trust his instincts more.

“I like to do these first thing in the morning when I am still not fully awake and start with a blank slate and no preconceived idea,” Franciose shared in a chat with Colossal.

Franciose started the series back in 2019 and has produced more than 400 artworks. Most of the time, the paintings are inspired by the artist’s mood but also feature recurring themes and characters that constantly evolve.

You can check out Franciose’s works below and by visiting his social media and website.