Artist Turns Disney Characters Into Classical Paintings

Carlos Gromo is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who loves depicting Disney characters as classic paintings. He began his artistic journey in his early years, and it was always “more than a hobby for him.”

In an interview for Bored Panda, Gromo explained that his main goal is to make those classical paintings known. He also added that now it’s recently become a challenge for him to make something surprising every day.

The illustrations are cheerful, colorful, special, original, and made with lots of details, and therefore the artist sometimes needs months to finish one work. Although he doesn’t have a specific theme, his Disney-related illustrations made him viral because he chooses the characters very well and makes the perfect combinations.

“The art world is very complicated. It has many ups and downs and requires a lot of perseverance and daily work. The greatest support is knowing that every day I discover someone somewhere in the world who wants to show their affection for my work. That is a very nice feeling,” the artist relayed.

To see his phenomenal illustrations, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to join his fan club by hitting the follow button on his Instagram page.