Australian Student Gets “L and R” Inked Due to Confusion With Left and Right

Believe it or not, telling right from the left can sometimes be exhausting. It requires quick thinking, and your brain can sometimes mix them up if the context is a bit off. That is why D’Kodia Laine, an Australian communication student, decided to get L and R tattoos on her hand, so she wouldn’t ever get confused. Based in Canberra, Laine went to famous tattoo artist Lauren Winzer with the request to get the letters inked.

The 23-year-old student had first noticed that she had navigation problems when she got elected team leader during a scavenger hunt at a party.

When the tattoo artist shared the image on social media, it immediately became viral and soon got more than 4,000 likes.

“Not only are tattoos cute, but they can also be super functional!!! Good luck with all your future directions, happy to help guide you,” Winzer wrote on her Instagram account, and the overall reaction was amazing. Many agreed that they need this kind of tattoo as well.

Do you get easily confused with the left and right navigation? Would you permanently etch those letters onto your skin?