Beth Belshaw’s Hairstyling Tutorials are Taking the World By Storm

We live in a time when pretty much anyone can learn how to style their hair from the comfort of their home thanks to countless hair tutorials you can find online. Beth Belshaw is one of the content creators sharing some of the most amazing hair tutorials with the world, and her rise to prominence was a joy to watch.

Belshaw is based in England, and she’s been sharing hair-related videos since 2015. Over the years, she attracted more than 900,000 followers on YouTube and 860,000 on Instagram, but how did she start posting hair tutorials online in the first place?

Belshaw learned how to braid and style hair by watching YouTube tutorials, and she was working with the most perfect models. Her daughters Abby and Baylee are often featured in her videos, and she decided to share her skills with the world after learning how to style their hair.

Belshaw eventually started her own brand Sweethearts Hair, selling hair care products and accessories. She’s been mastering the art of styling the most beautiful braids, bows, and buns for years, and she’s on a mission to help other people learn the secrets of her craft through her viral videos and Instagram reels.