Check Out This Instagram Page That Posts Hilarious Memes About Ireland

Meanwhile in Ireland is an Instagram account that showcases the funniest real-life images and memes from Ireland. The Instagram page currently has more than 75,000 followers and according to Katie Morris, one of the creators of the hilarious page they started off on Facebook.

“The content went viral and within 5 years, we had over 500,000 followers which was incredible! It was hard to believe!”, she says in an interview for Bored Panda and adds that now they have reached an audience of amazing 764 thousand people.

“Ireland is a fascinating place. The people and culture make it unique. Irish people have a way of not taking life too seriously and seeing the funny side of things which makes us generally well-liked around the world,” she continues.

Overall, Meanwhile in Ireland is a must-follow for anyone who loves a good laugh and is interested in exploring the beauty and culture of Ireland. With its hilarious posts, this Instagram page is a great way to discover the hidden gems and rich traditions of this beautiful country.

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