Dark Dystopia Comics Are Comedy Gold if You Are Into Dark Humor

Image via darkdystopiancomics/Instagram

Dark humor isn’t for everyone. Only people who can see the funny side of inappropriate situations and don’t take everything too seriously can enjoy them. For those people, content with dark humor can be comedy gold, and Dark Dystopia comics definitely show it.

Created by artist Andres Londono, the Dark Dystopia series is full of things you might feel a bit bad to laugh about. However, that won’t stop you from doing it regardless. Whether it’s a bad man melting a snowman with a cup of coffee, pranks going bad, or people being simply reckless, you’ll know that the outcome isn’t the best but also that it wouldn’t be funny if it was.

According to Londono, the goal of his comics is to show that comedy can be found in unexpected places, even those in which most people wouldn’t dare to look.

“I really enjoy playing with ideas that would usually be considered offensive, sad, or tragic and try to give them a funny approach … I truly believe that with the right approach, anything can be turned into something funny, at least for some,” Londono told Bored Panda in a recent interview.

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