Dinos and Comics Paints Dinosaurs in a Relatable, Hilarious, and Heartwarming Light

“Dinosaurs were just like us” probably isn’t a thought you’d expect to go through your head, but that’s exactly how Dinos and Comics will make you feel. One of Instagram’s most popular comic series explores many relatable topics by putting dinosaurs front and center.

Dinos and Comics is a brainchild of James Stewart and K Roméy, and they have shared over a thousand comics since starting their Instagram page, attracting almost three million followers along the way. Dinosaurs may be the main characters in their comics, but the problems they deal with are very human.

Their comics may have a deeper meaning, but there’s no mystery surrounding their decision to focus on dinosaurs. They simply chose them because they’re cool, and made them super-relatable by showing them navigate the complexities of modern human life.

In addition to being a huge hit on social media, Dinos and Comics has served as inspiration for two books – Dinosaur Therapy and Dinosaur Philosophy. Just like the comics on social media, these books show dinosaur characters grappling with questions around the meaning of life, trying to make sense of the world and cope with their own place in it.

If you’re looking for a series of amazing comics that have the power to make you laugh and think deeply at the same time, head to Dinos and Comics’ Instagram page to discover some more.