Elisa Rossi is Sharing Healthy Recipes That Helped Her Get Rid of Acne

Happy Skin Kitchen grew into one of the most popular healthy food blogs on Instagram in the past few years and it comes with an interesting backstory. Its founder Elisa Rossi decided to start her blog after embracing a healthier diet to help her get rid of acne.

Rossi’s struggle with hormonal acne started when she moved from Italy to London, and she went through hell trying to get rid of them. The contraceptive pill was the only thing that seemed to help, but she didn’t want to take it forever so she consulted several different dermatologists in an attempt to come up with a solution.

The antibiotics they gave her didn’t seem to work, so she decided to do her own research, and learned more about the effects that our diet can have on our skin. Desperate to see an improvement, she decided to cut down on dairy, sugar, and red meat, and embrace a mostly plant-based diet.

Rossi was so impressed by the outcome that she decided to share her story with the world and her Instagram page is now followed by over 330,000 people!

“My skin is still not perfect and maybe it will never be, but that’s ok! Part of my journey was and still is to accept myself and my skin for what it is… The aim for this blog is to share all I have learnt in the past 3 years about food, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle,” explains Rossi on her blog.