Ewelina Dymek’s Fashion Illustrations are Dynamic and Fresh

A long, long time ago, there was a time when man wore jeans and fashion, in all its colorful multitude, was king. Masks were reserved for small children or superhero enthusiasts, and social distancing wasn’t even a thing. Man, those were the days. Here to remind us of the joys of fashion is illustrator Ewelina Dymek. Based in Poznań, Poland, she’s known for her realistic illustrations that capture the very essence of fashion.

A self-taught illustrator, Dymek has taught herself everything she needed to know through much trial and error. Her technique relies on combining pencil drawing, collage work, and digital software—a combination that allows for creative freedom. It’s this unique flavor that attracted clients as big as Neutrogena, Condé Nast, The Washington Post, and Samsung.

“I like to create atmosphere by using contrast and juxtapose not only dark and light shading but also detailed pencil-drawn elements with abstract shapes,” relayed Dymek in an interview with Inky Goodness. “Using brush strokes in a certain way makes the composition dynamic and expressive – it all depends on how visually strong I want an illustration to be. Another technique that I use to create a certain mood is juxtaposing contrasting and saturated colors to make pencil drawing pop and create a visual tension.”

“A captivating fashion illustration not only depicts clothing (which is very important!) but also evokes certain feelings and creates atmosphere,” she explains. “A good fashion illustrator not only draws a piece of clothing but also interprets it in his their own way and is able to convey certain mood behind a designer’s collection.”

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