Fiber Artist Creates Wearable Art Pieces

The works of Oklahoma City-based fiber artist Kendall Ross are blurring the line between fashion and art. Ross creates sweaters, cardigans, and other garments that can be best described as wearable art pieces.

These fiber artworks are colorful and often adorned with images and/or text that make them unlike anything you have seen before. Each one tells a story of workmanship while serving as an expression of the artist’s ideas and emotions.

“Each stitch on every sweater, vest, mural, and textile is painstakingly planned and knit over countless hours using two needles and wool,” the artist shares on her website.

Ross uses her fiber art practice as a way to process her “emotions, experiences, and memories.” She explains that she is putting “private emotions on display for people to wear on their chest in their public lives” while aiming to “redefine the perception of both fiber art and hand-knitting in fine art spaces, challenging others’ perception of what is and isn’t art, and who gets to decide.”

Ross lets others experience her pieces from both the fashion and art standpoint. They have been showcased at exhibitions in Oklahoma City and other parts of the Pacific Northwest, while those who want to wear her works can purchase them through her webshop.

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