Former Ikea Worker Scott Seiss is Filming Funny Videos About the Horrors of Retail Work

Working in retail isn’t an easy task, and Scott Seiss experienced this on his own while working at Ikea. Those days are long behind him, and this stand-up comedian went on to find viral fame with his relatable videos where he’s poking fun at the horrors of retail work.

Seiss is a former Ikea worker, but she never actually worked on the floor. He did customer service for the Swedish company, while his wife did retail at the Disney Store in the mall, so he always shares his jokes with her to make sure they’re true to life.

Seiss earned himself the nickname “angry Ikea guy” after his videos went viral, but he still enjoys shopping at this store and has a lot of Ikea furniture in his apartment. He’s not trying to call out any store in particular in his videos but addresses the bad sides of retail jobs as a whole.

“I mean, people are underpaid, they’re overworked, and especially within the pandemic, they’re realizing that they’re being asked too much of by their jobs,” he told The Ink.

In addition to being followed by over two million people across TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, Seiss is a successful stand-up comedian. Just like his videos, his live acts cover a wide range of different subjects, including marriage, road rage, and customer service.