James R. Eads Creates Incredibly Vibrant Paintings

James R. Eads is an illustrator whose artworks you could easily confuse with 19th-century paintings. Besides clear elements of Impressionism, his colorful landscapes also feature fantasy themes. Using short brush strokes, the Los Angeles-based artist adds exotic birds, half-sunken boats, and swirling star-filled skies, to his inspiring creations.

“I’ve been really inspired by a lot of different things lately, including many worlds theory—the idea of multiple universes and timelines existing simultaneously,” he shared in an interview with Colossal. “I’ve been working on a series of pastel paintings called Many, Many Paths that explores this idea through meandering paths in otherworldly gardens.”

Asides from painting, Eads also experiments with Virtual Reality artwork and runs a screen-printing studio in LA which produces a range of limited edition prints. You can purchase his creations online or follow his latest work on Instagram.