These Beautiful Oil Paintings Depict Fall Season

Adam S. Doyle is a gifted illustrator and oil painter, inspired by discovery, nature, energy, sociology, mythology, and the realms in-between. In his most recent project, he created a series of paintings representing night fall trees.

“The sentiment for the series also has to do with the season,” he shared on Bored Panda. “But fall is also a season about transition; heading in for the long nights and bone-chilling cold. These paintings reflect on being ready for what’s to come and like the trees knowing we’ll get through it. There will be blossoming once again in the spring.”

Doyle also loves spending time in nature, going on hiking adventures, illustrating books and book covers, as well as crafting images for card games, greeting cards, album covers, theater and concert posters.

He shares some of his creations on his personal website and on his Instagram profile, where you can stay updated.

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Tree of Faith 🌑 Oil 21×17” Night Fall Trees

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