Japanese Paper Artist Creates Fascinating Artworks You Will Love

“Art introduced me to the different perspectives, uniqueness of humanity, and interestingly made me stronger. I could appreciate just who I am, which I couldn’t do very well before.” That’s how Matsushita, a Japanese paper artist, describes her feelings about art.

Now based in the Netherlands, Matsushita wasn’t always a crafter. She was first working as a sales and project manager in an interior design and construction company. Then, when she realized that art was her true calling, she shifted to illustration and papercraft.

“Paper intrigues me in different ways. Not only its adaptability, but also its texture, concepts such as whiteness, front/back, and quick transformation. The subtleness of paper-cutting that evokes the sense of touching and seeing,” she said in an interview with Ballpit. “When I cut paper, just even a hole, the paper turns into something with more volume as we can see the thickness, depth, and shade to catch my attention.”

Using nature as her main inspiration, the artist talented artist creates layers of leaves, flowers, birdcages, animals, vegetables, and landscapes. Which she all shares on Instagram, where her uses can check her out.

To see some of her paper artworks, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow her work!