Jennifer Lawrence Has Hilarious Reactions to Spicy Wings During “Hot Ones” Appearance

Jennifer Lawrence at the
Jennifer Lawrence at the "No Hard Feelings" film premiere in Jun 2023. Photo by Gregory Pace/Shutterstock (13977616z)

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular actresses of her generation. Part of it is because of her great movies, but part of it is because she’s so relatable and down to Earth. Her appearance in the most recent episode of Sean Evans’ Hot Ones series just goes to prove that.

Hot Ones features Evans interviewing guests, mostly celebrities, while they eat progressively spicier chicken wings. Lawrence took the challenge for the first time and immediately became a fan favorite because of her hilarious reactions.

Right from the bat, Lawrence admitted that she has humble expectations and doesn’t think she has a “high of a pain tolerance.” And it would soon become obvious that she was right.

Everything went well for Lawrence at the beginning, with her eating wings, feeling some heat kicks, and sharing some interesting stories about her life and career. However, once she got to the eighth wing, one with a dollop of Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce that packs a Scoville level of 135,600, everything went sideways.

Lawrence immediately started sobbing and tried to cool her mouth with water and other liquids, but nothing seemed to help. 

“I don’t know what to do; nothing helps! Is my face OK?” she asks Evans at one point.

Eventually, Lawrence takes up the courage to try the next wing with Alchemy Peppers Hop Sauce (641,000 Scoville) and immediately regrets it.

“I feel like I’m gonna die!” she says while tears continue to roll down her face.

Lawrence’s appearance on the Hot Ones is already considered one of the best in this season and beyond, as the internet users were amazed at the Silver Linings Playbook star’s “realistic and relatable reactions.” Watch it in full below.