Max Siedentopf’s “Pleasure Portraits” Mimic Colorful Ice Creams With Makeup

Max Siedentopf is a talented London-based conceptual artist who creates in the fields of sculpture, fashion, design, and photography. But while Siedentopf has plenty of unique and captivating projects under his belt, the one that particularly captured our attention is the series “Pleasure Portraits”.

In the series, which debuted last year but still remains relevant, Siedentopf created makeup styles based on ice creams. Each entry in the series features a colorful frozen treat that is reimagined as makeup on a model’s face.

Just like each ice cream is unique in its taste, color, and design, no two makeup styles are the same. According to the artist, everyone has an ice cream flavor they like, so having makeup to correspond with it seems more than fitting.  

 “Spring was approaching, and all I could think about was ice cream,” Siedentopf told People of Print. “Just like everyone’s personality is unique, so is our favorite ice cream flavor.”

The process of creating this unique series was quite demanding as Siedentopf needed to try out all the ice creams he could get his hands on to find the best ones in terms of design, taste, and color. He then matched them with a particular model, making sure the two were a match. However, all the hard work paid off, as these Pleasure Portraits are eye-catching, to say at least.